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Online – On Premise. But always delivering the best customer experience.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is fast becoming the premier CRM solution worldwide.  With an ever expanding array of clients Dynamics CRM has gone from strength to strength and become a hugely capable xRM solution now offering the ability to be customised for almost any kind of relationship management.  Hence the x…..

Microsoft now offer Dynamics as part of office 365 meaning it has become considerably more accessible to each and every company and because it is almost infinitely customisable and with the help of professional developers can be connected to almost any system through the use of web services it can be one of the most useful software additions to any business.

There are many many CRM development houses out there, some good, some bad.  But almost all charge what we describe as astronomical sums for customising and developing the system for their clients.

The ethos of the product brings customer engagement to every user and allows them to effectively communicate with customers and deliver a customer experience that will help build long term, personalised and proactive experiences.

This is where Fly-Catcher excels after all if you are going to build a system for a client to use, you have to have a good relationship with that client in the first instance.  You need to understand the systems they use, you need to be able look at the way the company works and identify places in their processes that Dynamics CRM could help streamline so ultimately they can engage better with their clients.

The Fly-Catcher consultants have been working heavily with Dynamics CRM since version 4 and have developed multiple instances of various complexities.

We have connected the product to various systems, for various clients, through various means…

We have experience in many sectors through our support and development departments and as such are able to take an outside view of many different company sectors and identify how CRM could help.

Don’t be sucked into the ‘We know better than you.’ culture which is developing amongst some CRM developers. The point of the product is that it can be customised to fit how you work and who you work with, so you are able to deliver a customer experience second to none.

And simply put… In these days of austerity… You shouldn’t have to pay the earth to be able to take full advantage of this fantastic product.

We won’t charge you a ludicrous amount for our development work and in actual fact we would prefer you help your self as this is the best way to learn what the product is capable of.  We can either deliver a fully customised system ready for you to use, or we can guide you through the process of customising the product yourself to help you cut costs.

Ultimately our aim is to deliver a system you are happy with by whatever means you are happy with.